A New Platform For Albuquerque Artists

We gather around a fire kept lit by the adore and care of those feeding its flames. The light grows brighter when contribute to it as KIN.

KIN is an Albuquerque-based art collective established in August, 2018. We celebrate the cross-pollination of art forms, finding ourselves time and again working in the intersection between art + tech.  Among our ranks are filmmakers, photographers, writers, painters, ceramicists, musicians, and digital and new-media artists. Our strength lies in the diversity of our interests, specialties, and artistic backgrounds, united in our pursuit of a singular goal: KIN aspires to make art accessible for everyone. We strive to create a platform for emerging artists that promotes play, education, skill-building, and — most importantly — collaboration. We aim to push artistic boundaries and build a new creative community in Albuquerque.


Community Engagement

Our aim is to create and host events that forge connections between different facets of our community, making art and education accessible for everyone.


Visibility for Emerging Artists

We strives to create a platform for emerging artists that promotes play, education, skill-building, and collaboration.

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As KIN embraces the cross-pollination of art forms, and brings a multi-dimensional approach to every project.

Arty Party

Where art gallery meets house party, Arty Parties are the fruit of collaborations between KIN Collective members and local contributing artists. These large-scale events feature live music, video art, interactive installations, and gallery space with sculpture, photography, paintings, and new-media work.

Tent Talks

In 2019, KIN launched the first installment of a creative lecture series aimed to give voice to the makers, mavens, maestros working behind the scenes in our community. KIN focuses on creating a communal lecture and discussion space by inviting speakers of all backgrounds, professions, skillsets, and levels of esteem. Tent Talks is a mobile platform for creative encounters and education anywhere in the city. 

Live Sessions

Up-and-coming Albuquerque band Ceremonies performed a live set before the backdrop of an interactive, new-media stage created by KIN Collective. Visual graphics and lighting were created real time and mixed live during the performance by KIN’s digital artists, using audio-responsive technology that synced the visual elements with the music.

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